Greater Brisbane Junior Tennis Association Inc.


2024 GBJT Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The GBJT Auual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Saturday 23 March 2024. The meeting starts at 12.30pm and is held at Saint Lucy Cafe at the UQ Tennis Centre - all members welcome to attend. 

We are seeking the services of a volunteer Treasurer to take on this role. Please see Peter or Peta if you can help with this?

Season 1, 2024

Season 1, 2024 is well underway and trust everyone is enjoying their tennis!  The GBJT Club shirts were distributed to our players last Saturday with remaining shirts to be given out this Saturday.  If you have not received yours please let us know.  

GBJT Season 1, 2024

GBJT Season 1, 2024 tennis fixtures will commence on Saturday 24 February 2024 at UQ (2pm-5pm) and QTC (230pm-530pm).  Emails have been sent out too all our players and captains on Sunday - if you have not received yours please let us know. We wish everyone an enjoyable season of junior tennis fixtures with GBJT. 

Season 1, 2024 - Entries Closed

GBJT Season 1, 2024 entries are now closed. Team draws and information for the new season of GBJT junior tennis fixtures will be emailed out on Monday 19 February 2024 with our first round matches to commence at QTC and UQ on Saturday 24 February 2024. 

GBJT Family BBQ and Raffle

Special thanks to our supporters and volunteers who helped with our family BBQ on finals day. 

We appreciate the support we receive from Head Sporting Products, Tennis Queensland and The QTC for our prizes and awards. 

Our raffle winners were:

1st Prize - Henry McGuire

2nd Prize - Yuta Hosaka

3rd Prize - Scott Whitton 

4th Prize - Lauren Mitchell 


GBJT Season 2, 2023 Finals Day

GBJT celebrated our finals day for season 2, 2023 at the QTC on Saturday 11 November. With over 160 juniors playing this season, we all enjoyed watching the finals and well done to everyone. The team results including our sportsmanship and most improved awards are set out below. 

GBJT Season 2, 2023 Team Results
Level Winner Runner-Up Best of the Rest Sportsmanship  Most Improved 
Pennant Div 1 Comets Meteors Stars Fynn Henderson  Bayden Farren-Price
Pennant Div 2 Kestrels Condors Kites Olivia Dry Alec Say
Pennant Div 3 Blue Typhoons Tornados Cyclones Chloe Miller Emily Low
Pennant Div 3 Green Topaz Emeralds Sapphires Alexa Sheehy Lachlan Tan
Level 1/2 Panthers Tigers Leopards Masela Malagui  Aaron Zhang
Level 3 Blue Mercedes Lexus Peugeots Sophie Huynh  Jacob Spencer
Level 3 Red Wombats Koalas Kangaroos  Joseph Klopper Eden Crockford
Level 4 Wolfhounds Labradors Kelpies Miheli Perera  Caolan Moran


GBJT Finals Day - Season 2, 2023

Dear Players and Parents,

The GBJT Finals will be played  this Saturday, 11th  November, with all GBJT teams playing at the  Queensland Tennis Centre  at Tennyson.  Play will start at the earlier time of  1:00 pm.

The Presentation of Awards and Trophies will start about 4:30 pm.  The list of the award winners for the Sportsmanship and Most Improved Player Awards, will be sent out later in the week.  Players on bye from the teams in the Finals are invited to attend the presentation to collect their trophies.

GBJT will hold a free BBQ for players and their families, starting about 2:00 pm.  Players not playing on Finals’ Day are invited along to watch the matches and share the BBQ. 

GBJT parents have volunteered to cook and serve the sausage sizzle and if you can help with these tasks on Saturday, please see Peter on the day.

The GBJT Finals’ Day Raffle will be drawn after the Presentation of trophies and awards.  The prizes include tickets to the Brisbane International Tournament, a Head Tennis Racquet, Head products, and vouchers for hire of Pat Rafter Arena and the QTC Pro-shop.  Tickets can be bought on Saturday afternoon or via email this week.

We wish all teams the very best of luck for the Finals!

Kind regards, Peter, Peta and Eira.

GBJT Club Annual Singles Tournament

A sunny and hot day for our 60 players in the annual GBJT club singles tournament at UQ today. Some great matches and most importantly good sportsmanship on the day from everyone. Congratulations to all who played and well done to our winners and runners-up as set out below. 

2023 GBJT Club Singles Tournament
Level Winner Runner-Up
Pennant Red Craig Welch Luke Williams
Pennant Blue Fenton Skinner Thomas Gower
Level 1 Boys Augustus Sepulcri Cohen Parbhakar-Fox
Level 1 Girls Masala Malaga Charlotte Sparks
Level 3 Boys John Paul Barros Archie Parbhakar-Fox
Level 3 Girls Cheha Rhee Sara Webb
Level 4 Boys Sicheng Yan Bow Yu
Level 4 Girls Amelia Webb Charlotte Evans 


Season 2 - Week 2!

Dear Players and Parents,

We trust all teams are organised and ready to play for Week 2 of GBJT tomorrow and welcome all the players who were on bye last Saturday.  Please contact your team captain if you are unsure if you are playing.

Enjoy your day and any questions or concerns please let Peter, Peta or Eira know. 

GBJT Season 2, 2023

Season 2, 2023 GBJT Fixtures commence Saturday 5 August at UQ and QTC.  We look forward to welcoming our new Players and Parents and welcoming back our returning Players and Parents. Wishing everyone an enjoyable season of tennis with GBJT. Any questions or concerns let our centre supervisors know (Peter, Peta and Eira). 

GBJT Season 2 - Entries Closed

Season 2, 2033 GBJT entries are now closed. Team draws and information about the fixtures will be emailed out Monday 31 July with our first round of fixtures starting at UQ and QTC on Saturday 5 August. 

GBJT Season 2, 2023 Grading Day for New Players

The grading day for new players will be held at the Queensland Tennis Centre (QTC), Tennyson on Sunday, 23rd July from 3:00 – 5:00 pm. Enrolments are available on-line  

Season 2  will run from the 5th August to the 11th November.

GBJT Season 2, 2023 - Enrolments for returning players

A reminder that the enrolment form for GBJT Season 2 is now available on the GBJT website ( ).  Enrolments for Season 2 will close this Sunday, 23rd July.

Returning players do not need to attend the grading day.  If you are not returning for Season 2 but would like to fill in occasionally, please let us know. 

Season 2  will run from the 5th August to the 11th November.

Season 1 - Raffle

Congratulations to our lucky winners of the GBJT raffle drawn on finals day:

Raffle Winners
1st Prize Signed and Framed GBJT Club Shirt - signed by 20, 2023 United Cup Players Jack Lambley
2nd Prize Head Tennis Racquet, sporting products and PRA court hire Jasmine Chen
3rd Prize Head sporting products, PRA court hire and $30 QTC pro-shop voucher Bea Kijanka
4th Prize Head sporting products and $30 QTC pro-shop voucher Alex Raymond


Finals Day Family BBQ and Sponsors

The all day family BBQ was a great success with everyone enjoying the food and drinks to celebrate an enjoyable season. Special thank you to everyone who helped out on the day and in particular to The Henderson, Dimmick and McGuire Families for preparing and cooking the wonderful food. 

We also want to thank our sponsors and supporters for the wonderful awards and raffle prizes on offer on the day. Head Sporting Products, Tennis Queensland and QTC - much valued and appreciated by all. 

Finals Day - Season 1, 2023

It was a perfect winters day for GBJT Season 1, 2023 Finals Day held at the Queensland Tennis Centre for our players, parents and supporters. Some great tennis and very close matches on the day to determine our team winners, runners-up and best of the rest results for the season. Well done to all our players and it was great to see the sportsmanship and enjoyment had by all.  Congratulations to our Sportsmanship and Most Improved Awards Winners for the season. The results are set out in the table below.

GBJT - Season 1, 2023 Results
Level Winners Runners-up Best of the Rest Most Improved Sportsmanship 
Pennant Division 1 Meteors Galaxies Coments Tobias Meehan  Zachary Dimmick
Pennant Division 2 Eagles Falcons Hawks Luke Williams Jerson Iannella
Pennant Division 3 - Blue Storms Cyclones Hurricanes Isabella Say James Huynh
Pennant Division 3 - Green Opals Emeralds  Sapphires Sebastien Goldsworthy Kate Armstrong
Level 1 Cheetahs Leopards Lions Jacob Freeman Aurelia Wells
Level 2/3 - Blue Emus Wombats Wallabies  Archie Parbhakar-Fox Leo Li
Level 2/3 - Red Saabs Porsches Mercedes Owen Ho Dylan Forwood
Level 4 Labradors Wolfhounds Beagles Elijah Fry Rubin Rhee


GBJT Doubles Tournament

Over 40 players enjoyed competing in the Annual Doubles Tournament this morning at QTC. A great morning of tennis and congratulations to everyone who played and the results are set out below.  Thank you to all our parents and in particular our mums on Mother's Day.

2023 Annual Doubles Tournament
  Winner Runner-Up
Pennant Red

Zac Dimmick and Fynn Henderson 

Lachlan Butler and Lucas Qu
PennantBlue Elaine Wang and Ethan Wang Arin Jadhav and Daniel Wu
Level 1 Issac Freeman and Jacob Freeman James King and Augustus Sepulcri
Level 2/3 Ayla Riddell and Elise Whitton  Lachlan Kua and Brandon Kua
Level 4 Allison Cao and Lucas Cao Austin Wells and Bow Yu


GBJT Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The GBJT Annual General Meeting will be held at 12.30pm Saturday 18 March 2023 at The University of Queensland (Saint Lucy Cafe).

GBJT - Week 1 Season 1

Dear Players and Parents

The New season of GBJT will start at UQ and QTC today - 25th February.  We welcome all players and trust the teams are organised and ready to go. Please contact your team captain if you are unsure if you are playing.

We are looking forward to the new season of tennis and we hope you have a great match. 

Please see the GBJT Centre Supervisors Peter, Peta and Eira if you have any questions.

GBJT Season 1, 2023 Fixtures

Dear Players and Parents, Season 1, 2023 GBJT Tennis Fixtures commence this Saturday at the Queensland Tennis Centre (QTC) and the University of Queensland (UQ)!  Player information, draws and instructions will be emailed out Monday - if anyone has not received the email please let us know. Wishing everyone and enjoyable season of junior tennis fixtures. Take care, Peter and Peta. 


01 Dec
Enrolments Open for Season 1, 2024 for New and Returning Players
11 Feb
Grading Day for Season 1, 2024 - New Players - QTC 3pm-5pm
11 Feb
Enrolments for Season 1, 2024 - Closed
24 Feb
GBJT Season 1, 2024 - Fixtures Commence at QTC and UQ
26 May
GBJT Annual Members Doubles Tournament - QTC
01 Jun
Season 1, 2024 Semi-Finals Day
08 Jun
Season 1, 2024 Finals Day, Family BBQ, Presentation of Trophies, Awards and Raffle
01 Jul
Enrolments Open for Season 2, 2024 - New and Returning Players
21 Jul
Grading Day for Season 2, 2024 - New Players - QTC 3pm-5pm
21 Jul
Season 2, 2024 Enrolments for New and Returning Players - Closed
03 Aug
Season 2, 2024 - Fixtures Commence at QTC and UQ
20 Oct
GBJT Annual Members Singles Tournament - UQ
02 Nov
Season 2, 2024 - Semi-Finals Day
09 Nov
Season 2, 2024 - Finals Day, Family BBQ, Presentation of Trophies, Awards and Raffle