Greater Brisbane Junior Tennis Association Inc.

General Rules


  • Each player is required to umpire in accordance with score sheet.
  • The umpires' calls are final.
  • If the umpire is unable to call a shot, the point is to be replayed.
  • If a player is uncertain about how to umpire the parent on roster / court supervisor or a player who knows how to umpire should assist the umpire so that they learn how to umpire.
  • If uncertain please refer to the PARENT ROSTER which is attached or speak to the GBJT centre supervisor.

Parents on Roster

It is important that the parent on roster follows the duties in the PARENT ROSTER (copy attached). This will help ensure that the players will have a happy days play and that all sets are able to be completed in the allotted time frame.


A friendly reminder for parents not to be on tennis courts whilst games are in play (excludes court supervisor). Furthermore, interfering with scoring / umpiring or side coaching is nor allowed. Players are encouraged to try to resolve any disputes amongst themselves, alternatively they may refer to the court supervisor or the GBJT centre supervisor for guidance.

All players are encouraged to display good sportsmanship as well as to enjoy themselves and have fun.

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