Greater Brisbane Junior Tennis Association Inc.

Code of Conduct

Values and Principles

Greater Brisbane Junior Tennis follow the following values and principles in providing our members with the opportunity of playing tennis fixtures:

  • A commitment to good sportsmanship by Players, Parents / Carers and Supporters.
  • The opportunity to be a member of a team and learn to be a team member and take on leadership responsibilities such as team captain.
  • The development and consolidation of what Players have been taught by their tennis coaches into match play.
  • The ability to learn strategies of match play, tennis scoring through the umpiring of matches, court etiquette and most importantly to demonstrate the ability to win or lose graciously.
  • Involvement of Parents on a weekly basis to help supervise children and to help ensure the days play is enjoyable for all involved.
  • Involvement of Parents as volunteers at committee level to ensure the competition is run and managed in the interests of the children involved.
  • For Parents to allow their children to enjoy the sport they play without applying undue pressure on their children or other children and Parents so that the game of tennis may become a life long enjoyment for their children.

In addition to our values and principles, GBJT endorse and comply with the Member Protection Policy as established and updated by Tennis Australia.  This policy covers and sets out the process for such areas as the Screening Process (Bluecard System) and Complaint Handling and Procedure.  In addition, Tennis Australia have established the following National Policies which GBJT follow:

1. Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct - this code applys to all Officials, Coaches, Office Bearers, Parents and Players of GBJT.  The GBJT Member Protection Information Officer (MIPO) who should be contacted in the first istance of a concern is:

     Mr Peter Davis - Email: or Mobile: 0417 742 124

2. In addition to the GBJT General Rules and Code of Conduct, Tennis Australia has developed a Code of Conduct for review by our members.  We also include the following documents for reference:

3. We also provide the following guidelines for our Players and Parents.  Every person whether you are a player, spectator, parent or club member should ensure:

  • Inclusion of every person regardless of their age, gender, culture, religion or race.
  • Eliminate violence and abusive behavior
  • Protection from sexual harassment or intimidation
  • Ability to participate and develop their full potential
  • Respect is shown towards others within the club, visitors and all tennis communities.


  • Play by the rules
  • Don’t argue and control your temper
  • Be a team player, cooperating with team mates
  • Be a good sport
  • Treat all players fairly

Parents and Members:

  • Encourage participation but don’t force it; these are kids and this is a game
  • Encourage playing by the rules
  • Remember players learn best by example
  • Never ridicule mistakes
  • Never publicly disagree with an umpire/official. Raise the issue privately, or report issue to Club representative


Who Must Comply with this Code of Conduct

The following persons must comply with this policy:

  • Children and young people
  • Officials
  • Volunteers
  • Parents / Carers
  • Coaches

References / Related Documents

The following references and / or related documents are used in this document:


Definitions used in this document are the same or similar to those contained in the 'Tennis Australia Member Protection Policy'.

Standards Expected

GBJT expects the persons covered by this Code of Conduct to follow the Values and Principles of GBJT and conform with the following Codes of Conduct as contained in the Tennis Australia
Member Protection Policy:


Breaches of the Code of Conduct

Any breaches of the Code of Conduct are dealt with in accordance with the Tennis Australia Member Protection Policy.

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