Welcome to GBJT fixtures - Season 2, 2020

GBJT fixtures is a team sport and all players must be available to play for the whole season.  Here is some important information for Parents and Players about GBJT fixtures.

  1. All Players and Parents must read the Nomination Conditions
  2. Players will be placed in teams which are fixed for the whole season.
  3. All Team Draws and information will be sent by email and therefore the nominated email address must be suitable to receive regular information. Please advise us if this changes.
  4. The Contact phone number provided for the Team Draw must be suitable to receive communication on a weekly basis from team members.  Please advise us if this changes.
  5. The Team Draw and Season information will be sent out by email during the week before the first match of the season.
  6. Each team will have a nominated Captain, who will ensure that there is a team ready to play each week.
  7. It is important that the team members have regular communication with each other, whether by phone, text or email, so that they will know who will be playing each week.
  8. One player in each team will be on bye each week, but may be asked to fill in for his/her own team or another team if needed.
  9. The Team Draw contains a suggested bye list to assist teams to decide which player has the weekly bye but each team can alter this to suit their needs.
  10. The parents of returning players to GBJT can assist in the running of GBJT by taking on the roles of Level Contact or Replacement Contact.  The Level Contact checks with the Team Captains at the beginning of the season and before the Semi-finals and Finals to ensure that all is in order with the team, while the Replacement Contact has a list of players from outside GBJT and organises replacements for teams if the team cannot find a replacement player.
  11. All parents will be rostered onto their child's court once or twice per season to supervise play and ensure the afternoon runs smoothly.  No special tennis experience is required for this role.  It is important that parents note the date of their supervision duty and attend or find a replacement parent if they are unable to do so.

Nomination fees and payment details

The cost for Season 2, 2020 will be $185 per child. There is a discount for each additional family member; the total cost for 2 children is $350 and 3 children is $500. Full payment is due at the time of enrolment.

GBJT players will be registered to become members of Tennis Queensland automatically with payment of the GBJT fees.  This registration covers a number of benefits, including personal accident insurance.

All players are asked to open a Tennis Account with Tennis Australia. This can be completed on the Tennis website by clicking on the "JOIN" at the top right side of the homepage.  The easiest way is to "Join with Email."  Please use the same email address to join as listed on the GBJT enrolment so that the Account and the Tennis Queensland memberships will match.  Having an Account gives the benefit of the offer of priority seating for the Brisbane International and Australian Open tennis tournaments.  Parents can also open an Account with Tennis Australia.  Each person over 15 years, will require to have a unique email address to open an account, while children under 15 year old will be able to use the Family email address.

Payment can be made either by:

Direct deposit: Please make payment to Bank of Queensland. BSB: 124 029; Account No: 1061 7208 and please include the player's name so it is recorded on the GBJT bank account.

Cheque: Please make cheque payable to  "Greater Brisbane Junior Tennis" and mail to PO Box 630, Indooroopilly, QLD, 4068 and please include the player's name.

Terms and Conditions

In completing this enrolment form you agree to the following Terms and Conditions of playing and being a part of the GBJT.

  • All Players and Parents agree to be bound by the Rules, Terms and Code of Conduct of GBJT as contained and updated from time to time on the GBJT web site.
  • Players agree to be available to play for the whole season including when on bye (except when unable to play due to sickness).
  • Parents must be available to supervise their child's court when rostered (usually once or twice a season).
  • From time to time your photos may be taken and placed on the GBJT web site, Social Media site or permission given to media outlets for news articles about GBJT tennis fixtures.
  • All communication to Players and Parents is though email and our web site. Please ensure the email address provided will be read and able to receive PDF attachments.
  • All Players and Parents agree to the terms and conditions of Tennis Australia's "My Tennis" Registration and Privacy Policy.  See Tennis Australia web site.

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Account with Tennis Australia

GBJT members are encouraged to open an Account with Tennis Australia.

Please log on to the Tennis Australia website and click on "JOIN". Please select "join with email" and use the same email address as listed above.

An account provides members with the opportunity to receive priority tickets to the Brisbane International and the Australian Open Tennis tournaments.

Players over 15, please let us know if you are joining with a different email address from the one above.

For Parents of Returning Players

Returning players are not required to attend grading day.

Roles for Parents

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Are you available to be a Level Contact for your child's level?
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